Practicality: Implementing Quality in Everyday Life and Work

Practicality encapsulates the core essence of what we aim to achieve – a deep dive into the practical implementation of quality-driven practices...
As software testers, we understand the vital role our work plays in shaping digital landscapes, and this conference is designed to equip us with the tools, insights, and strategies to uphold the highest standards of quality in our daily endeavors.

The expo:QA'24 program committee would love to hear your stories, successes as well as failures! We are looking for talks that bridge the gap between theory and practice. and we love experience reports, lessons learned and talks about both successes and failures.

expo:QA is your platform to share your story of how you are trying drive testing from a practical point of view.


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First please review here the entitlements we offer for speaking

A proposal can be either for a half-day workshop, keynote talk, regular talk or a master class. Remember that the cut-off date for submitting proposals is the 23rd of October 2023.

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expo:QA is organised by NEXO QA EVENTS