Taking testing to the next level!

In this time of turmoil, where time to market, innovation, continuous 'everything' is under constant pressure, testing must now anticipate adjustments in test approaches, test tooling, test data generation, and other facilities to improve testing, and of course not to forget the soft skills, where in the world of technology we are currently in we cannot underestimate the power of people working together. If you bring this all together we have to take steps; we have to go to another level to deal with all these changes.

The expo:QA'23 program committee would love to hear your stories, successes as well as failures, and how you stand firm in these challenging times. Tell us about your vision for the next steps for testing, or share your experience of dealing with a challenge you stumbled upon lately.

expo:QA is your platform to share your story of how you are trying or have made the step to the next testing level.


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A proposal can be either for a half-day workshop, keynote talk, regular talk or a master class. Remember that the cut-off date for submitting proposals is the 12th of February 2023.

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