The Great Debate

What is it?

The great debate is an opportunity to voice your opinion, as a conference speaker, sponsor or attendee on a number of statements based on the current status of and the trends and concerns in and around Software Testing in 2017.

When & where?

The debate will start at 5:25pm on the 14th of June and will run for 60 minutes.

How it works!

There will be 5 rounds and each round will last for 10 minutes. There will be a group of people debating per round: two sponsors, two speakers and two conference attendees.

Each round will have a particular statement to debate, and each person will have 1 minute to give his or her opinion for a given statement. A further two minutes will be allocated to the group for open discussion.

People participating in the debate will be previously informed about the statements but will not be told which they will need to respond to until the debate itself.

If you are going to attend the conference and want to participate as part of the audience, please get in touch here, providing us with your name, email address, professional title and the name of the company you work for.


1. We have automated tools to run tests on virtually any technology. We really need tools to help us design the tests these tools run. What is required (experts and vendors) and what is available (vendors) to complement/match existing execution tools to support test modelling or test design?

2. The techniques we use for test design have not changed in years. How do you think testers will get better in the future?

3. Many clients prioritise cost over quality and hire testers from service providers with the lowest rates. If customers buy on price alone, does that mean the standard of testing is falling?

4. Testing is “shifting left” more and more. Developers are starting to take responsibility for testing and some large corporations don’t even have testers. Will we really need testers in the future?

5. Selenium is taking over the GUI testing world. Why would anyone want to buy a proprietary GUI test tool?

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